UX-4 Transmit Combiner/Amplifier

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Revised version of the legendary GX-4 transmit combiner/amplifier.
  • 4 RF inputs, 1 antenna output
  • Bandwidth: 470-698 MHz
  • High Power Mode: 250mW / Low Power Mode: 25mW
  • Connectors: BNC female (5)
  • Product Dimensions: 1RU (1.75″ x 19.0″ x 15.4″)
PWS UX Series Spec Sheet
The UX-4 series of transmit combiner/amplifiers is used for combining multiple IEM transmitters and/or wireless intercom transmitters into a single antenna. An Automatic Level Control allows it to accept RF input levels of 20 to 100 mW across the 470 to 698 MHz radio band. Each input contains its own discrete RF amplifier and proprietary ALC circuits. The signals are individually amplified and then combined to produce 250 mW of RF output for each channel at the antenna output port (250 mW is the maximum power allowed by the FCC in the UHF band).  A High Power/Low Power mode controlled from the front panel allows for using a power level appropriate to the venue. Each input has a status LED on the front panel for confirmation that each device is connected and transmitting RF.